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About Us

We are an Ecommerce platform based in Singapore and we offer a wide range of exceptional products. At Pistti we are fully committed in providing authentic products that will greatly satisfy the customer needs. At Pistti we offer a convenient and reliable online shopping experience and we pride ourselves on our variety of products which is of high quality and of the best market price. We are aiming at revolutionizing online shopping in Singapore and all around the globe by building good relationship with our customers by being thankful for each and every one of them and promoting a vibrant and uplifting environment for them to shop. We are aiming to win the hearts of our customers with our high quality and cost-effective products that are integrated with our island-wide fast delivery service. When it comes to products, Pistti has a wide spectrum of top-quality products from all over the world that our esteemed customers can select from.

Fashion Accessories:

While all that glitters may not be gold, it sure does look pretty! And that’s exactly what we excel at. Here at Pistti, we make it our business to bring you the prettiest fashion accessories handcrafted by Korean and Indian experts. The first impression is the last impression and that’s exactly what we try to excel at. Our fashion accessories are designed by highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about what they do.

Pistti houses a massively diverse range of unique and stylish fashion accessories for women of all ages. The quality of the material we use is always on point and each product is available in multiple colour variations. Whether you are in search of something cute or classy, comfortable or seductive, Pistti is the right place to look! Browse through our massive collection of fashion accessories including, but not limited to, earrings, necklaces, and designer bracelets that will take your breath away!

Pistti is dedicated to bringing the beauty and charm of all cultures together through its fashion accessories. We aim to provide you with accessories that speak of the history of the cultures they come from. Regardless of where your taste lies; whether you want something classic or modern, low-key or bold, we’ve got you covered! Our fashion accessories will make all the heads turn in awe and admiration as you’d pass them by.

The glitter and the glamor of our beautiful and sophisticated earrings, necklaces, and bracelets will give off the vibes of a queen ready to meet her subjects. From hoops, studs, and stone earrings to cute and adorable, minimalistic bracelets and necklaces designed to add to the elegance and class of your attire, Pistti will forever be your go-to shop for fashion accessories! We’re offering you comfort, quality, elegance, and affordability carefully wrapped in a single deal!

Electronic Accessories:

The section for electronic accessories at Pistti is not any less impressive than the others. Regardless of what you are looking for; be it headphones, speakers, power banks, data cables, car accessories, or any other electronic accessories; we’ve got it all under a single virtual roof just waiting to be discovered by you. Our electronic accessories stand among some of the most reliable and budget-friendly products available.

When it comes to speakers, we’ve got some really impressive items for you to check out. From 4-in-1 Multimedia Speakers, Multifunctional Bluetooth Speakers, and Wooden Induction Speakers to 5W, 6W, and 10W BT Speakers; everything is just a click away. We also happen to have the Bloom Bluetooth Speakers by Trovo that come with a beautiful LED light.

In terms of headphones, we’re offering some of the best and authentic headphones, both wired and wireless. TWS EarPods, wireless neckbands, and mono Bluetooth headsets are anotherhappy addition to our headphone collection. These headsets and neckbands will not only provide you with the best audio results but also be comfortable to wear. They’re also quite affordable and come in multiple colour and design variations as well.

Additionally, Pistti also deals in different types of charging and aux cables of varying colours and specifications. What’s even more astounding is our collection of stylish, colourful, and highly-efficient power banks that will never disappoint you in terms of power and productivity.

Next up is our collection of car accessories consisting of car charges available in various charging and power capacities. With them around, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery while you’re on the go! This, however, is not all we have in store for you. We’ve got a vast variety of electronic accessories, such as fingerprint locks, travel adaptors, anti-theft laptop backpacks, and smartwatches as well.

Home & Living;

Pistti’s Home and Living section has a world of its own. Regardless of the theme or interior of your home, our collection of home and living products will blow your mind! From various home décor items, table lamps, floor lamps, and ceiling lights, to chandeliers, wall and garden lights as well as many others. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of budget-friendly and high-quality homeware products just waiting to be explored by you.

Our home décor collection consists of numerous unique and beautifully crafted artistic masterpieces perfect for adding to the charm, beauty, and sophistication of any household. Our minimalistic and thought-provoking decoration pieces will make wander into the realms of philosophy and spirituality while giving you a sense of inner peace and tranquility.

Our table and floor lamps are another sight to behold! The creative and minimalistic approach adopted by our designers is what makes these lamps so special. Our floor and table lamps vary in design and color to match the tastes of our customers. They will not only light up your room but also your life! With their modern designs laced with creativity, these lamps are a sight for sore eyes!

In addition to this, Pistti also provides you with curtains made from materials of the highest quality. They are available in a wide range of colors and designs that will bring the beauty and charm of your home’s interior to new heights. Our colorful, designer blackout curtains are available in different colors as well as sizes. They offer comfort, class, and affordability – an all-in-one deal you just can’t say “No” to.

Last, but not least, our collections of lights for walls, ceilings, and gardens respectively are oozing with creativity and style. The members of our team have poured their hearts and souls into designing these beautiful and smart LED lights. The same goes for the classy and sophisticated chandelier lights we’ve got in store for you. We utilise the best quality resources, be it Italian Marble, Top Grain Leather, Distressed Wood, Cast Iron or Brass & Crystal. You no longer have to go through the disheartening process of paint chipping off, veneer peeling, or plastic parading as glass.

No matter what the color or theme of your home’s interior is, our smart LED lights will automatically light up your home once connected to the WIFI. With that feature alone, you would not be able to resist going through with the purchase. What's even more exciting is the way you have complete control over the brightness of these lights. So, roll your sleeves up, grab your credit/debit cards, and get ready for one of the most satisfying online shopping experiences of your life!