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Car Accessories

Your car is like your home away from home and so, it needs to be well-equipped to make traveling easier and more convenient for you. That’s where our car accessories in Singapore comes in. Not only are they stylish and aesthetically pleasing but also very efficient and reliable.


Our car chargers are simply the best ones in the market and will help you stay connected while on the road. Just in case your smartphone’s battery runs out while you’re on the go, you can easily get it recharged as you drive.


Similarly, you can use our high-quality aux cables to play music directly from your smartphone while driving. It will not only set your mood but also keep your spirits up during long journeys.


Our car accessories in Singapore come from the most popular and trusted electronics brands in Singapore. In addition to this, our team manually tests every item in our car accessories to make sure you only get the best and the most efficient accessories for your car.


We also pay close attention to the design and aesthetic value of each item before adding it to our car accessories collection. What’s even more exciting is the price range of these items. Pistti prides itself on providing you with the best car accessories at the most affordable rates.