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Electronic Accessories in Singapore

Only at Pistti, we pride ourself with selling only high quality electronic accessories in Singapore. The products go through a quality control test by our team to filter out accessories made with low graded materials. All the products are certified, reliable, smart and convenient.

The section for electronic accessories at Pistti is not any less impressive than the others. Regardless of what you are looking for; be it headphones, speakers, power banks, data cables, car accessories, or any other electronic accessories in Singapore; we’ve got it all under a single virtual roof just waiting to be discovered by you. Our electronic accessories stand among some of the most reliable and budget-friendly products available.

When it comes to speakers, we’ve got some really impressive items for you to check out. From 4-in-1 Multimedia Speakers, Multifunctional Bluetooth Speakers, and Wooden Induction Speakers to 5W, 6W, and 10W BT Speakers; everything is just a click away. We also happen to have the Bloom Bluetooth Speakers by Trovo that come with a beautiful LED light.

In terms of headphones, we’re offering some of the best and authentic headphones, both wired and wireless. TWS EarPods, wireless neckbands, and mono Bluetooth headsets are another happy addition to our headphone collection. These headsets and neckbands will not only provide you with the best audio results but also be comfortable to wear. They’re also quite affordable and come in multiple colour and design variations as well.

Additionally, Pistti also deals in different types of charging and aux cables of varying colours and specifications. What’s even more astounding is our collection of stylish, colourful, and highly-efficient power banks that will never disappoint you in terms of power and productivity.

Next up is our collection of car accessories consisting of car charges available in various charging and power capacities. With them around, you don’t have to worry about your phone running out of battery while you’re on the go! This, however, is not all we have in store for you. We’ve got a vast variety of electronic accessories, such as fingerprint locks, travel adaptors, anti-theft laptop backpacks, and smartwatches as well.